Asbestos Management

asbestos management services

Professional asbestos management services

Keep yourself, your employees and your clients safe from the dangerous effects of asbestos with the help of Croft Environmental Services, based in the Midlands.
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Asbestos management 

If you are responsible for a commercial building it is your legal responsibility to ensure the occupants of the building are protected from exposure to asbestos. If their is asbestos present in the property Croft Environmental Services Ltd can build and implement an asbestos management plan for you. This plan will involve us surveying the area, identifying high risk areas and implementing strategies to keep these areas safe. 
Based in the Midlands, we work with customers across Leicestershire and surrounding counties.
Management surveys

Management surveys

Croft Environmental Services Ltd can arrange asbestos management surveys, identifying the exact whereabouts of the asbestos in the property and its condition.
Asbestos removal

Asbestos removal

If the asbestos in your building is in a dangerous condition and poses a threat to the safety of those working in the building, Croft Environmental Services can remove the asbestos safely and efficiently, causing minimal disruption to the operation of the building. 
We will also make sure the asbestos is disposed of safely.

For help with all aspects of asbestos management, contact Croft Environmental Services Ltd in the Midlands.
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