At Croft Environmental, we offer a wide range of fencing services across Northampton. Whether you’re looking for domestic or commercial fencing in Northampton, our team can help. But what makes our fencing services stand out?

We provide fencing that is right for you. This means we work with you to create, design, and install fencing that meets all your needs. If you want to transform your garden at home or increase security for your business, our team has the fencing solution to help you. To find the right high-quality fencing in Northampton, get in touch with our team today or email us at


What are our Fencing Services in Northampton?

There are lots of types of fencing available, so how do you choose the right option for you? At Croft Environmental, our team are experts in a variety of fencing, fence panels, and garden gates. We can work with you to install the best fencing that is the perfect fit for you. Our fencing services include industrial fencing, domestic fencing, security fencing, and window boarding. All available in a variety of styles, finishes, and materials.


Domestic Fencing Perfect for Your Garden

The best way to transform your outdoor space at home is with incredible garden fencing. Using fence panels and fencing designs, you can create a unique look for your garden. This includes replacing existing garden fencing with a brand-new design. Our team can help you to revitalise and transform your garden space.

Domestic fencing is about providing your garden with effective security and a great new look. There are many ways of doing this such as incorporating garden gates, concrete posts, and unique fence panel designs. Our team can help you to design and install garden fencing that delivers exactly what you want from your garden fencing. That’s why our fencing services are the complete package.

The domestic fencing we offer provides security and an incredible style for your home. One of the reasons this is possible is we use the best timber available in the industry. Without using the right timber and materials, creating incredible garden fencing isn’t possible. Our timber fencing will ensure your domestic fencing is durable and high-quality.

Secure Industrial Fencing

There are many ways to protect your business, but industrial fencing is one of the most effective. Industrial fencing is the best way to provide resilient security measures for your property. However, at Croft Environmental, we understand every commercial property has different requirements. That’s why we will install industrial fencing based on your needs.

One of the most popular types of industrial fencing is mesh fencing. But what makes this type of fencing secure and resilient? Our mesh fencing is made from high-quality steel with electrically welded wire strands to create a strong and durable mesh. The main benefit they offer is increased security but they also block a potential intruder from seeing through the fence.

As well as industrial fencing, we also provide dedicated security fencing for domestic and industrial purposes across Northampton:


Safe Security Fencing

Mesh fencing is a massively effective and popular type of security fencing. But there are other types of security fencing that could work for your property. The right choice will depend on what you want and need and our team can help you find the best option for you.

Security fencing should safeguard against intruders and protect them from gaining ungranted access to your premises. Effective security fencing will not only stop an intruder but act as a strong deterrent. At Croft Environmental, our security fencing options for both commercial and domestic properties.

Depending on the requirements you have, the best security fencing option will change. If you own an industrial business, you need a strong and durable option that protects the perimeter of your property. While for residential security fencing, you will need an option that looks good but also protects your home and garden.

To find the right security fencing you need a team that can help you. Our team at Croft Environmental can find you the right security fencing that meets all your needs, whether you have a residential or domestic property.


Convenient Window Boarding

One of the most important services we provide is window boarding. Imagine your window breaks. You need to ensure it’s covered as quickly as possible. If you don’t, your property could be damaged by the weather and make it impossible to be comfortable inside the building. The quickest and best solution to this problem is window boarding.

To prevent any damage to your property, fast window boarding is crucial. That’s why we offer window boarding services that will protect your home or business. At Croft Environmental, our team will act fast so you can be comfortable in your property straight away and avoid any preventable damage. Window boarding is a great, cost-effective, and temporary solution for when you need it most.

To find out more about our fencing Northampton services, get in touch today. Don’t miss out on the best fencing for your home or business.


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