Wooden fencng in a back garden, installed by Croft Environmental.

How To Add Height To a Fence

For many people, their garden is a sanctuary, it is a place to gather with friends, enjoy nature within a safe space, as well as adding value to a home. Taller fences are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the variety of benefits they provide. Many people enjoy the additional privacy that a higher fence offers, while for others, it is a necessity for keeping pets safe.

If you are considering increasing the height of your fence, you need to be certain of your own personal reasons for making this decision. This will help you in finding the best option to meet your needs, whether this is the correct materials to use, the realistic height required, or what is going to improve the overall look of your home. 

The first concern that may arise whilst considering adding height to your fence is the cost involved. Fence panels can cost anything between £10 – £150 each depending on the style and desired finish. There are a few more budget-friendly options that should be explored before committing to an entirely new fence, depending on how much extra height you are wanting. 

Fence Toppers 

Fence Toppers are a fantastic option for most gardens, the added height they provide gives you that extra security and privacy that will be sufficient for most households. Fence Toppers usually have a more stylish finish than standard panels – they come in an array of designs to suit all garden landscapes.

Privacy Fence Extensions

Privacy Fence Extensions can often be the easiest and most cost-effective way to add height to your existing fence. They tend to be made from lightweight materials such as plastic or netting which are less secure than traditional wooden fence toppers, therefore are not highly recommended for families wanting to increase the height of their fence to keep in large dogs, or keep out intruders.

They do, however, provide excellent privacy and can be just as pleasing to the eye as more expensive options. Privacy Fence Extensions can also be a superb choice for brightening up existing fences that have not been well maintained, they can cover gaps while creating the illusion of a newly installed fence. 

Trellis Fence Extension

Trellis Fence Extensions are the go-to option for homes wanting to increase security within their gardens, without much legal fuss. They are recommended by many councils as have proven to be an excellent burglar deterrent, as well as being simple to install. 

The Legal Stuff 

Before you begin looking into the different options on offer, you will need to ensure what you are wanting fits in with UK fence height laws – unless you are willing to go through the hassle of planning permission. 

You will also need to ensure that the fence belongs to you and that what you are planning does not disturb your neighbours. Fences facing a road or public footpath are traditionally capped at 1m, while private back garden fences may reach 2m tall – these heights are inclusive of any toppers or extensions.