Is Asbestos Removal a Dangerous Job?

Asbestos is a natural mineral that has many industrial, commercial, and residential uses. It’s also known to cause mesothelioma or lung cancer in people who are exposed to it. Asbestos removal can be hazardous if the right safety precautions aren’t taken. This blog post discusses the risks of asbestos exposure and the hazards involved in the asbestos removal process.

Is Asbestos Removal a Dangerous Process? 

The answer to this question is yes, asbestos removal can be a dangerous process if the proper safety precautions aren’t taken. There are many hazards involved in asbestos removal, including exposure to asbestos fibres, inhalation of dust and particles, and contact with hazardous chemicals.

Exposure to asbestos fibres can cause serious health problems, such as mesothelioma (a type of cancer) and lung cancer. Inhalation of dust and particles can cause respiratory problems, such as asthma and bronchitis. And contact with hazardous chemicals can cause skin irritation and chemical burns.

Additionally, long-term asbestos exposure can cause asbestosis, a serious and potentially fatal lung disease. This is due to the asbestos fibres gradually causing damage to the tissues in the lung over time. Unfortunately, the development of this condition can remain undetected for a considerable amount of time as it takes up to 30 years for symptoms to appear. For more information on asbestosis and its effects, you can refer to the NHS asbestosis condition guide.

Are you at Risk During Asbestos Removals? 

The people who are most at risk when removing asbestos are those who are working in close contact with the material. This includes asbestos removal company workers who are removing, handling, or disturbing materials containing asbestos.

Other people who may be at risk include:

  1. People living near an asbestos removal site
  2. People who work with or around asbestos fibres regularly
  3. People who have been exposed to asbestos in the past

This means that any individual undertaking asbestos removal or surrounding such activities can be at risk if the correct health and safety precautions aren’t taken. Therefore, it is important to leave asbestos removal to professional asbestos removal companies. They know exactly how to take the necessary precautions when removing asbestos to avoid exposure to these hazards. 

Workers are equipped with specialised personal protective equipment, such as respirators, gloves, and eye protection. They also use their expertise to ensure the work area is safe and the materials are handled and disposed of correctly.

Other health and safety precautions for asbestos removal include restricting access to the work area, using wet methods to reduce dust and particles, using approved waste disposal methods, and having a written plan for the job.

If you’re concerned about asbestos in your home or workplace, it’s important to seek professional advice. The good news is that Croft Environmental can help! We will be able to provide you with a risk assessment and advise you on the best course of action. We can also help remove any asbestos-containing materials safely and effectively. Contact us today, call us on 0116 251 8050 or visit our contact page and fill in an enquiry form.