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What is Fogging?

Combating the spread of Covid-19 is a shared responsibility by all individuals and businesses, but how do we effectively ensure areas are cleaned and disinfected? Using antibacterial sprays and hand gels can be an effective solution for at home, but when it comes to busier areas where many people will be travelling through, more intricate methods of cleaning may be required.

One effective form of deep cleaning for any space with adequate ventilation is a method called Fogging. Fogging is the process of using disinfectant gases to thoroughly clean a space. By using active chemicals delivered through spraying gases into a room, the disinfecting agents are able to cover a wide area, and get into what may typically be difficult to reach spots.

There are many benefits to fogging:

  1. Deep cleaning within whatever space is needed
  2. Fast and effective delivery which reaches all areas of a room or space
  3. It can be used in areas with electronics due to the ultra-fine nature of the disinfectant gases

Fogging is an excellent method for cleaning spaces; however, precautions do need to be taken. Fogging involves working with live chemicals, so ensuring the correct concentrations are used is vital. The right concentrations will provide effective cleaning, without leaving behind residue. It is also important to wear protective clothing, cover exposed skin, and use an air fed ventilator with a mask to prevent inhaling harmful chemicals.

Chemicals will need to be left to work and diffuse, and this typically needs at least 6 hours, during which time the area is not usable, and no one should be allowed to enter.

Fogging can be an extremely useful method for keeping areas cleaned and maintaining important hygiene standards.

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