Wooden garden fencing in a landscpaed garden, by Croft Environmental

What is Garden Landscaping?

The word landscaping comes from the Dutch word ‘landschap’, which was used by artists of the 16th century to refer to paintings of scenery on land. Landscaping is all about visualisation, which is used to create an outdoor space using botanical and hardscapes elements. A landscape artist will design a garden or other outdoor space using various components such as fauna, flora, pathways, water features, terrain modifications, structures, furniture and more. This sets garden landscaping apart from purely gardening, which only involves planting and maintaining plants.

The process of garden landscaping

Garden landscaping is a meticulous, step-by-step process that allows you to liaise with a professional to create your ideal outdoor space. You are at the centre of every decision when it comes to developing your perfect garden, however garden landscaping professionals will be able to advise and use their expertise to ensure you make the most of your outdoor space. The process involves the following steps:

Initial consultation

An expert landscape gardener will meet you at your property to gain an understanding of where your garden is at now. They will ask what your requirements are and aim to gain a clear understanding of your vision. They will be able to advise you to help you make the right decisions for you and create the perfect outdoor space.

Design process

Site surveys will be gathered to ensure the works wanted are achievable, and a design will be drafted. This initial concept will be shared with you and amended as you desire.


Plants and other non-botanical elements will be sourced, and the landscaping process will begin. Qualified plantsmen will assist in the process, and your new garden will take shape gradually to meet the design sketches.

Quality check

A final quality assurance check will be undertaken to make sure your new outdoor space is perfect. You will be able to discuss additions and / or potential adjustments if required.


Aftercare is available as an option to maintain your exquisite new space throughout the seasons.

Why choose Garden Landscaping?

Garden landscaping is carried out by expert outdoor space designers. Just like having an interior or house designer, the professional visualisation and implementation of various design concepts can make a huge difference to the result achieved. Garden landscapers, like other design professionals, are highly trained and qualified to create beautiful spaces. They will help you bring your ideas to life as well as enhance them with their expert touch. It also takes the hassle out of having to research various plants and materials as they will be able to select and source all the best elements for you.

Using a professional landscaper will ensure that your garden space is optimised and matches your own personal needs. You are guaranteed to have a stylish, sophisticated garden that complements your lifestyle. Whether your main goal is to entertain guests in the summer or create a winter-friendly garden that can keep you warm and cosy, there is always a perfect and beautiful solution waiting for you.